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"I LOVED this course! You really can create your own reality, and this guide shows you how. If you've ever wanted to learn the secrets of manifesting, you MUST read this guide. The two missing steps aren't covered anywhere else. Yet in my experience, they're CRITICAL. Buy it!"

- Karl Moore, best-selling author


"Fantastic! I've NEVER been guided through a manifestation session before. But your audio CDs were brilliant. I'm now seeing BIG RESULTS within just a couple of days of 'wishing' for anything. This CD set has changed my life, without a doubt."

- Barrie Court, Marine Way, Juneau, AK 99801
- bcourt****


"I used these secrets to manifest a new luxury New York apartment in the Theater District, and a brand new Dodge Viper SRT10. I have NO DOUBT whatsoever that his techniques made this happen. EVERYTHING just fell into place once I'd followed this system. And it all happened within three very short months. I'm amazed. THANK YOU, Bradley!"

- Michael Masterman,


"My manifestation has provided TREMENDOUS RESULTS. Within the space of just EIGHT DAYS, I've managed to pay off all of my debts, and help attract a new partner into my life. I can't thank you enough. And things are coming EXACTLY as I demanded. Right down to the amounts, the people involved, everything. I'm amazed. This is my first experience of manifestation, and I'm in AWE."

- Maureen Hirons, Earlville, 4870, Australia
- hhouse*****

"Bradley really reveals the SECRETS of manifestation here. I've been manifesting for years, with good results. But THIS beats everything. I've found results coming MUCH QUICKER now that I'm incorporating his methods. I don't say this often, but this course really HAS changed my life!"
- Jennifer Lansbury,
"This isn't a question, just wanted to say that I LOVED the course. I'm manifesting things on a DAILY BASIS now. I just use the technique, or listen to the CD, and I'm done. I've had things manifest now in JUST MINUTES. Why doesn't everyone know about this? Or maybe it should be kept my own secret!! Anyway, THANK YOU, from a very satisfied lady."
- Jerry Stromberg, Station Rd, Greenisland, UK
- importa******
"I've bought a dozen courses on manifesting already, from all of the so-called masters. NOTHING compared to this. I loved the [technique] and [technique]. This isn't covered anywhere and truly makes a BIG DIFFERENCE. I felt different, and the results were quicker. It's PROFOUND, and I'm so pleased I stumbled onto your website."
- Sanjay Agrawal,
"HUGE gains within just one week of getting the course. Thrilled that I purchased this, and I love the Microwave and Manifestation Session CDs. BRILLIANT. Great, already seeing awesome results!"
- Richard Wahl, 11th Ave Sth, Birmingham, AL
- [email protected]***********

"I'm recommending this to ALL of my clients. I've used Bradley's techniques to help manifest a new dream house, with a luxurious outdoor pool. AND I'm now working on manifesting my next publishing contract. I know how to program the mind. But I NEVER realized that manifesting could be as powerful as this. I say BUY IT!!"

- Hale Carlton,

"A triple THANK YOU for the Quantum Cookbook! I bought it because I had several major manifesting events in my life since college but they happened at random - I was never able to recreate manifesting on demand. Not knowing how the process works, I manifested a husband and have been married for 15 years now. Another time I was able to manifest $10,000 dollars within a few months by doing easy part time work that simply fell into my lap. I knew that I manifested it because when the assignment was over my paychecks added to ten thousand exactly. Several years later I was able to manifest $10,000 a month income but it lasted only for a few months. Because of these events in my life I knew that the process worked. I had hundreds of small things came together over the years at random. However, currently I was struggling to manifest my next major request for success at work. I didn't know how to manifest consistently and on demand. Now I do, and the process is already working. I have read many many metaphysical works trying to come up with the Successful Manifesting Formula but I didn't have it - I knew all the steps but didn't figure on my own how to take these steps, when to do it and in what order. You explained it all with brilliant simplicity. So far I have filled the Recipe sheet for 5 days in a row - a very simple process. I took very simple action steps daily. However, I came to realize that with the Universe the simplicity is deceiving. Within these 5 days the price of the book came back to me more than tenfold from my job. I work in commissioned sales. By now I believe that Quantum Cookbook is the last book on manifesting anyone will ever need. It is short, easy to read and easy to do. The information is absolutely priceless. I will keep you posted with my successes, you can use my results for a testimony as you don't have too many so far on the site. Sorry I am not disclosing more details as I feel like keeping them to myself because of the Responsibility clause in the manifesting price."
- Diana Drexler
- microwater AT

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